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Boost your brand!

Discover your own custom-designed
private label brand with berghoff!

Berghoff Creations

BergHOFF is an international brand that creates, produces and distributes attractive cookware and kitchenware worldwide. With the market knowledge, product know-how and in-house expertise that we’ve been gathering since BergHOFF’s foundation in 1994, we have set up our own private label division, BergHOFF Creations, via which we cooperate with retailers around the world to offer appealing cookware and kitchenware tailored to their business.

Project approach

You can count on our in-depth experience and expertise that we’ve gathered at BergHOFF to boost your brand with unique products tailored to your business. From advice on the best materials, the correct technical specifications and obligatory certificates to appealing artwork and the required support for an efficient distribution, we look forward to meeting your needs at all levels.

BergHOFF is a full-service partner that guides you every step of the way and ensures an all-round project support.


When you partner up
with berghoff, we focus onYou.

Together we will create products that drive retail sales and boost your brand. To ensure the best possible result, we opt for an all-round project approach based on our strengths and long-term experience.

Needs analysis

We organize an inspirational workshop in your local organisation to gain an insight in your business’ requirements and your customers’ demands. By means of targeted questions together we’ll establish what your specific wishes are and how we can best address your needs.

Category management

Our team of market experts analyse both your current assortment and the complete product offer that your customers can choose from. They then advise you on the kinds of products that are missing from your product range and which product category is most likely to be well received.

Research and development

At BergHOFF we are R&D-driven. If at any time during the product development process we notice a specific market or customer need, we will undertake the necessary investigations and do our utmost to provide a fitting solution with an innovative design. For these designs we’ll produce a first visualisation via rapid prototyping to help you make the right decisions.

Product design

Contrary to the average cookware and kitchenware brand, we have a streamlined product development process that produces short-term results. Once the basic design has been confirmed, we have sufficient flexibility to swiftly provide you with a 3D model and the corresponding rendered image.

Manufacturing expertise

Thanks to our long-lasting partnerships with manufacturing partners worldwide, each carefully selected for their manufacturing expertise, we able to ensure a highly efficient manufacturing process and a first-rate end product.

Automated distribution

Should you not have the storage space and the means to handle product distribution yourself, you can count on BergHOFF’s logistical experience. We have sufficient storage space and significant resources in our warehouse to ensure you have enough stock on your shelves at all times and your customers receive your product quickly.

Flexible project approach

When it comes to your business, you want a solution that fits your specific needs, circumstances and expectations. Thanks to our long-standing experience with national and international brands, we are able to ensure a flexible project approach based on your preferences and unique business demands.

Quality assurance

Together we establish strict quality criteria for the finished product. Our large quality management team then performs intermediate quality audits and continuously strives to maintain the highest quality standards to ensure the consistent quality of your products.

Choose your products


Pots, pans, knives, kitchen accessories, flatware, ovenware, … whatever you need to supplement your product assortment, we offer affordable quality designed for you and your customers.

Materials, shapes, sizes, finishes, etc., there is an option for every price range that reflects your company philosophy and fits your customers’ demand.

With a quality level and product design that is adjustable to your business, the products we create together will help you to boost your brand and reach your retail goals.

When you choose berghoff as your full-service partner, you get:

  • 1 single point of contact
  • the flexibility to easily align a specific customer need with a specific product
  • custom-made packaging and labels
  • the opportunity to define your own marketing needs and strategy as well as
  • the support to achieve it
  • increased customer loyalty

Your customers get:

  • great value for money
  • a unique and exclusive product at a competitive price

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