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Tools & accessories

Tools & accessories

Tools & accessories

When you've got the basics covered with a high-quality BergHOFF barbecue, all you need is the right barbecue tools and accessories to make your outdoor dinner a success. Before you get your barbecue going, make sure you have your trusted grill tongs, meat fork and knife, turner and basting brush nearby so you can easily and safely turn any piece of meat, fish or poultry into a true delight.

If you're interested in taking your barbecue skills to the next level, you'll love the BergHOFF grill expander and pizza stone. The stainless steel grill expander is great for when you want to prepare tender food like fish or delicate vegetables. If you're more in the mood for a crispy pizza, a tasty focaccia or a crispy loaf of bread, the BergHOFF baking stone is the perfect barbecue accessory for you.

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