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Cold Duck

A summer and party classic!
3 organic lemons | 1.5 l. well-chilled dry white wine (Moselle wine) | 1 organic lime |

50 – 100 g powdered sugar / icing sugar | 0,75 l well-chilled champagne | some leaves of lemon balm | ice cubes
Our brand - BergHOFF


  • Wash the lemon with warm water and dry.
  • Make a zest from the rind with a zester and pour the wine over it. Allow to steep for 30 minutes.
  • Cut 1 lemon and the lime into slices.
  • Transfer them to a punch bowl or jar.
  • Juice the remaining lemon and pass the juice through a sieve into the punch bowl or jar.
  • Also pass the wine through the sieve into the bowl/jar (discard the zest left behind in the sieve).
  • Add icing sugar to taste. Mix well and cool.
  • Right before serving, add ice cubes and the champagne; stir and decorate with the lemon balm.