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Roasting Pans

Roasting Pans

Roasting Pans

Looking for a piece of cookware that's surprisingly versatile? Get yourself a BergHOFF roasting pan! A good roasting pan is not just for preparing the yearly Thanksgiving turkey but can easily handle a variety of cooking tasks. A large batch of lasagne, a casserole for the entire family or an assortment of hearty vegetables, there's not much a spacious and sturdy BergHOFF roasting pan can't tackle.

On the official BergHOFF website we mostly offer rectangular roasting pans. These easily allow you to prepare several items in one go because of the extra space the right angles create. Take your pick from the various designs and colourful finishes available on our website and use your BergHOFF roasting pan for roasting as well as serving. It will immediately liven up your dinner table!

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