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Frying Pans and Sauté Pans

Frying Pans and Sauté Pans

Frying Pans and Sauté Pans

Making a hot breakfast, a quick lunch or a delicious dinner? Chances are you'll need a frying pan. This all-rounder can handle a large variety of recipes for both day-to-day cooking and professional dishes. Thanks to their slanted sides, BergHOFF frying pans are perfect for stir-frying and cooking techniques that require you to move your ingredients around a lot.

On the BergHOFF official website you'll easily find your new favourite frying pan. Whether you choose an aluminium frying pan, a stainless steel fry pan or cast iron skillet, all our frying pans are great for health-conscious cooking and easy to clean thanks to their non-stick coating. So no matter if you're cooking or on clean-up duty, a good frying pan will make your life a lot easier!

The sauté pan is one of those everyday multitaskers. Want to sear your meat, sauté vegetables, scramble eggs or stir-fry chicken? This is the pan to reach for! A good sauté pan will get you through countless of meal preparations and is the perfect companion for those of us who love to make one-pot recipes.

This kind of pan is also known as a deep skillet because of its higher, straight sides which conveniently prevent your ingredients from splashing out as you move the pan around. On the BergHOFF website you'll find sauté pans in stainless steel, aluminium, multi-ply and cast iron. Take your pick and enjoy the large cooking surface that allows you to prepare more food in one go.

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