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Stir fry pans & woks

Stir fry pans & woks

Stir fry pans & woks

Need a trusty pan for all kinds of frying or want to try your hand at Asian-inspired dishes? Get cooking with a stir fry pan or wok from BergHOFF! This kind of pan is a great alternative for your regular frying pan or skillet thanks to its high sides that allow you to stir or flip your ingredients without the use of any utensils.

Beyond being the best choice for cooking up a sizzling stir-fry, the high-quality stir fry pans and woks you'll find on the official BergHOFF website are also great for deep-frying, boiling and steaming. So put your cooking skills to the test and use these versatile pans to their fullest. Your family will be amazed at what you can pull off with this all-round piece of cookware.

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