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Decanting and aerating red wine

Why an aerator for red wine?

We all need air. We breathe in, and out. And just like living organisms, wine needs air too. To come to life, to release its bouquet and to intensify its flavour. An aerator is designed just for that purpose. It’s a tool that accomplishes a wonderful thing and opens a new sensory world in no time.


To fully enjoy all flavour and aroma of a red wine, it needs to breathe. Oxygen is the thing that does the work. So, uncork the bottle and let it be. Wait. For two hours or so. But …, do you always have that long? - And even if you do, the wine will only come into superficial contact with the air


Pouring a bottle of red wine, that's how long it takes

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Slowly pour the wine into the funnel equipped with a system that swirls the wine around to fully mix with air for a first time. At the end of the tube, there are holes that allow the wine to be oxygenated for a second time, liberating the complete bouquet.
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A filter holds back potential residues of the cork and sediments. Once you try this way of serving – and drinking – red wine, you’ll never want anything else.