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Looking to fire up your kitchen with a pure blend of innovative design and functional benefits? The BergHOFF design team has created the answer with Gem, a collection that focuses on performance, durability and versatility.

Industrial look and feel

Inspired by the sleek, streamlined shapes used in high-end car design, Gem brings an industrial look and feel to the kitchen. Its clean lines and masculine colour combinations uphold a raw style that's sure to turn heads. Based on one of BergHOFF's legacy collections, this series revives the durability of a true classic while incorporating the innovation of a modern cookware set.

What's Gem?

Gem is the essential ingredient you can count on to inspire your everyday cooking adventures with high-quality materials and attention to detail. It brings a functional simplicity to the table that supports any cooking style or approach. Whatever your taste, Gem is right there by your side to ensure a comfortable and gratifying experience.

Cooking with Gem

Cooking with Gem is cooking with ease. A cook who selects the Gem cookware loves products that centre around functionality and comfort. Convenient features such as the light materials, the multi-layered non-stick coating, the energy-efficient bottom and detachable handles are part of the Gem identity and make this line a pleasure to cook with.

Gem cookware

With just a few small details the Gem products are able to make a big difference. The minimalist, smooth lines used throughout the collection make a stylish yet powerful statement that adds punch to numerous kitchen classics. This assertion is further reinforced by the stainless steel accents that give the series an added durability and high-quality finish.

Gem facts

  • Innovative, ergonomic design
  • Functional simplicity
  • High-quality finish
  • Snap-on detachable handle
  • High-end non-stick coating
  • Suitable for every cooktop
  • Full disk bottom for energy-efficient cooking
  • Versatile range of cookware