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Teapots & coffee pots

Teapots & coffee pots

Teapots & coffee pots

An invigorating cup of breakfast tea in the morning or a relaxing cup of camomile tea in the evening? Just get out your trusted BergHOFF teapot and brew up the perfect batch! All our high-quality teapots were designed with great attention to both form and function to bring out the best flavours of your favourite tea.

Cast iron teapots, glass teapots or stainless steel teapots, on the official BergHOFF website you'll find a great variety of user-friendly teapots. The choice is yours; keep your tea hot for longer in an authentic cast iron teapot, perfectly control the brewing process in a clear glass teapot or get an award-winning teapot from our Ron-collection that doubles as a tea kettle.

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