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Valentine's Day

Love, romance, affection and friendship, if you take one day a year to celebrate your loved ones, let it be Valentine’s Day! No need to spend a fortune on expensive flowers or champagne, a personal gesture to make your Valentine feel special will no doubt make for far better memories.

A pizza from the heart

What better food to make from the heart than a delicious pizza? Just knead your dough in the shape of a heart and then top it with sauce and your Valentine’s favourite toppings. To make sure you get that perfectly crispy crust and can easily cut the pizza once it’s done, you can call upon your Leo pizza set to lend a helping hand.

Lunch box love

Send your partner or kids a little extra love on Valentine’s Day by slipping a note in their lunch box or Bento box. A nice compliment, a simple ‘I love you’ or an inspirational quote to let them know you’re thinking of them, it’s sure to make for a lovely lunch!

Romantic picnic

Depending on where you live, it will probably be a bit cold for an outdoor picnic on Valentine’s Day, so why not plan a romantic indoor picnic? Cuddle up with your honey, turn on your favourite music or movie and enjoy a romantic meal together. A little cheese and wine or a tapas mix served on the Leo tapas cutting board is sure to set the mood!


Christmas and the holiday season is often a time for families to make new memories together and keep up with old traditions.
Setting up the Christmas tree, exchanging thoughtful gifts or enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, everyone's got their favourite holiday moment!

Dining in style

This season set the Christmas table in style with our elegant tableware and enjoy the sight of your guests savouring every bite that you placed on their plates. Our high-quality porcelain tableware lets your culinary creations shine and is a perfect match for our classy stainless steel cutlery sets. Got kids at the table? Make them feel special with their very own porcelain set and cutlery that was designed to comfortably fit in their smaller hands.

The perfect roast

A succulent and delicious roast turkey, accompanied by roast potatoes and vegetables straight from the oven, it's a Christmas classic but one that still delights many people's taste buds! With the BergHOFF oven dishes, you'll roast it all to perfection for a wonderfully flavourful meal. When you're ready to carve the turkey, do it like a pro with the Leo carving set.

Have a cuppa

You've enjoyed the perfect Christmas dinner and all that's missing is the rich aroma of a cup of coffee or tea? Then it's time to get out your BergHOFF French press or teapot! Make a tasty brew with your favourite coffee blend or tea leaves and pour yourself and your guests the perfect cuppa.

Barbecue party

Nothing says summer quite like the perfect outdoor cookout. And since good food always tastes better in good company, why not invite your family or friends over for a fun barbecue party? As soon as you gather them around the table, you’ll see nothing but smiles while they enjoy your delicious grill dishes and that sweet barbecue aroma!

Fire up the grill

Unless you’ve got a gas grill, you’ll want to take the time to let the charcoal burn until it’s grey and glowing. So once you’ve fired up your BergHOFF ceramic BBQ and oven or our award-winning table BBQ and you’re surrounded by the crackling sound and authentic smell of sizzling coals, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink or a yummy appetiser.

The right tools for the job

When it’s time to get cooking, make sure you’ve got all the barbecue tools you need within reach. A good pair of tongs, for example, is a real lifesaver when you need to grab those yummy sausages, skewers or marinated steaks. No need to go overboard with unnecessary gadgets, a decent barbecue set will already get you a long way.

Think outside the box

If you want to add a little surprise to your barbecue party, why not step away from the classic grill recipes? With the baking/pizza stone, the Leo pizza shovel and pizza slicer you’ll have the most delicious grilled pizza on your guests’ plate in no time! Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect barbecue dessert? We have yet to meet the first person that can resist a blueberry and chocolate muffin baked in the Gem muffin pan in the ceramic BBQ and oven.

Easter brunch

Blooming flowers, brightly decorated eggs and chocolate in abundance, all signs that Easter is upon us! And who says Easter, says Easter brunch! Once the egg hunt is over, the time has come to enjoy that quality time and share some food and love with your family or friends.


Eggs, pancakes, French toast or maybe a hearty frittata, our mouths already start to water at the thought of all those delicious treats! Whatever you decide to serve, just plan ahead to limit your time in the kitchen. With the right tools, such as the Leo cookware that heats up fast and evenly, you can spend as much time as possible with your guests.

The complete package

Half the fun of hosting a brunch party is setting a festive table. Make it a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds with your favourite decorations, flowers or stylish tableware. If you’re thinking of serving glazed ham or a lamb dish, then make sure to also add a good steak knife set to your table essentials so you can easily slice the meat before it melts in your mouth.

Dare to be different

Maybe this year you’re not the one hosting the party, but then you’re probably looking for a little gift to thank your host or hostess for the invite. Why not forget about the typical bottle of wine or bunch of flowers and go for a more original present? With any of the new Leo gift sets you’re sure to bring a smile to your hosts’ face!

On the go

Running out the door without a proper breakfast or settling for a quick bite instead of a decent lunch? If this sounds familiar, you clearly haven't discovered the BergHOFF on-the-go collection. This range turns your stressful morning commute or hurried lunch into a moment to relax and enjoy all your favourite flavours.

Breakfast done right

Instead of a quick bite from a breakfast muffin or a sip of coffee from a plastic cup, you can enjoy a healthy yoghurt with crispy granola and your favourite blend of coffee or tea while you're en route. All you need is the dual lunch pot that neatly separates your ingredients until you're ready to eat and our porcelain travel mug that combines the feel of a real mug with the comfort of taking it on the go!

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is important for your health. Take enough moments throughout the day to take a sip of water, coffee or tea wherever you are. At school, at the office, at the gym, ... keep your BergHOFF water bottle, thermal mug or thermal flask close at hand and enjoy the touch of colour that these items add to your day.

Dining in style

Preparing a homemade lunch might take some time but it's worth the effort when you can savour a balanced meal from your Bento box at lunch time. Create a tasty lunch with yesterday's leftovers or go for a new flavour combination, whichever you choose, the fresh meal will provide you with plenty of energy to turn the rest of the day into a cakewalk.


Anyone who’s into costume parties, scary movies and trick-or-treating will no doubt be counting down the days until Halloween. What was originally just a way to remember the dead on the day before All Saints Day, is now a holiday that equals spooky fun for both young and old.

Spooky decorations

No Halloween is complete without some scary decorations and a Jack-O-Lantern. Once you’ve picked out that beautiful golden-orange pumpkin with a flat bottom, place it on a good-sized cutting board and get out your trusted carving knife. Then it’s just a matter of removing the top, scooping out the seeds and the pulp and cutting out a festive design or a scary face. To bring your pumpkin to life, simply place a candle inside and replace the top.

That smells like pumpkin!

When you’ve carved out your pumpkin, you’re left with quite some pumpkin flesh. It would be a shame to throw it all away so why not get creative in the kitchen and prepare your favourite pumpkin recipes? A delicious pumpkin pie straight from the Gem pie pan, a crusty loaf of pumpkin bread or a few litres of creamy pumpkin soup prepared in your favourite stockpot, your kitchen will be filled with the most heavenly aromas in no time!

Party snacks

Whoever says Halloween, says Halloween party! And no party is complete without some mouth-watering treats to spoil your guests’ taste buds. Let your imagination run wild and spook your visitors with a fun mix of sweet and savoury snacks such as Halloween cupcakes baked in the Gem cupcake pan, creepy cookies scooped from the Gem cookie sheet or scary finger foods served in the Leo apero set.

Back to school/work: everything for a great start!

Whether it's a smart salad bowl, a dual bento box or a practical food container: you'll find it in our assortment.
We like to make a delicious and healthy lunch a little easier: on the road, at school or at work!

Bring your own lunchbox and bottle!

By using our ECO collection you can really make a difference in reducing waste and minimize the harmful impact on our planet.
Instead of using aluminium foil to pack your lunch, use our water bottle, reusable bento box or salad box in combination with our travel flatware set.

Say yes to a healthy lifestyle!

In addition to lunch boxes, BergHOFF also offers beautiful water bottles and thermal flasks for everyday life. The new Leo Thermal flask comes with 2 caps:

  • One isolated cap with easy-to-carry strap
  • One-click cap which is ideal for practicing sports.

Ideal at school, on the road or while exercising!

Happy Kids Lunch Set!

Does your child love strawberries, little carrots or cherry tomatoes?
Thanks to our new lunchbox including separate box it's all possible! A varied children's lunch has never been easier to make. Children can easily open the kids lunch set! So you don't have to worry about that anymore!