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Coffee and tea | Official BergHOFF website

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea

Start off your day with a relaxing cup of tea or get an energy boost from that first cup of coffee. With the right coffee and tea accessories you’ll master the art of making the perfect hot beverage in no time. Teapots, coffee pots, espresso pitchers, … you’re sure to find your cup of tea in our assorted coffee and tea range.

Everyone knows there’s no better way to have your coffee or tea fresh off the boil. Add your tea leaves in the removable strainer of our Ron teapot and take it straight from the stovetop to the table or enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee as you’re pouring it in your stylish French press.

Want to sweeten up your cup of joe? No problem with our convenient creamer and sugar bowl! These coffee and tea accessories are the best partner to help you make the ideal cup of tea or coffee.

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