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BergHOFF helps you find a suitable gift for everyone. Whether you want to surprise your partner who loves to cook, your brother who loves to go camping or your kids, you'll find the best gift ideas here.

For Ron

Taking your time to enjoy the simple things in life, with a love for authenticity and a modern touch, for quite a few among us, that's what's life is all about. With the Ron products we bring a pure simplicity to the kitchen so you can fully enjoy the complete cooking experience. Preparing a delightful meal in cookware that can be passed on from generation to generation and then savouring it in good company, that's what we like to call a good time.

For Gem

Whether it's to heat up a portion of soup at the end of a busy day or to prepare a complete meal, the kitchen is where you go to recharge your batteries. With streamlined cookware that fires up the kitchen in no time, those day-to-day concerns will disappear like snow before the sun. Although the Gem cookware is characterised by clean lines and rather masculine colour combinations, it's perfect for both men and women, as longs as they can hold their own in the kitchen!

For Leo

Every day is a new chance to let your imagination run wild. A hearty breakfast that you can take on the go in a trendy container, a sweet snack for when you need that little pick-me-up or a tasty three-course meal prepared with cookware that's easy on the eye and fits comfortably in your hand, with Leo by your side, your daily adventures get that extra punch. Just put on your favourite tune, get into the groove and find the perfect mix of colours, tastes and smells!

For Essentials

First time home owners who are starting their kitchen from scratch, amateur chefs who collect the most practical tools throughout the years or experienced cooks who want to replace some of their old kitchen basics, everybody needs their kitchen Essentials! Mix and match them to create a set of tools that not only helps any cook to create a delicious meal but is also fun to work with.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Running, hiking, camping, having a picnic or a full-fledged barbecue party, sometimes you just feel like heading outside and we totally get it! To make sure the Outdoor enthusiasts among us have everything they need to take some time out and recharge their batteries, our outdoor products are designed with a focus on user comfort. When you come back after an outing with the BergHOFF products, you're good to go for another busy week at home, at school or at the office.