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New BergHOFF products

At BergHOFF we not only want to offer our customers a range of trendy and high-quality designs but also like to keep things fresh with original and innovative products that simplify our clients’ lives. With our new products we aim to do just that! So if you’re ready to try something new and want to find out how the BergHOFF products can inspire and facilitate your everyday life, have a look at our most recent product launches below.

Leo graters

Spices, fruits, vegetables, chocolate, … whatever you want to grate, slice or zest, with the new Leo graters it’s easy as pie! The different blades of the 5 paddle graters, including a fine grater, a coarse grater, an ultra-course grater, a ribbon grater and a zester, allow you to choose the right grater for every kind of ingredient. If you prefer one grater that does it all, the Leo box grater is the one for you since it conveniently combines 4 different blades in a single tool. Each of the Leo graters has an ultra-sharp etched blade that guarantees an optimal performance as well as an ergonomic soft-grip handle to ensure a safe and comfortable grip. On top of that, the paddle graters have a non-slip base, convenient bowl notches and a fitted protective sleeve to protect your hands as well as the blade.

Ceramic BBQ and oven Medium

After having kicked off the 2019 barbecue season with 6 new barbecue tools, it’s now time to introduce our brand-new ceramic barbecue and oven. Following the success of the large and small ceramic barbecue and oven, this medium-sized model brings together the best of both worlds. With a 33 cm grill surface it provides plenty of room to prepare a delicious grill meal for 4 to 6 persons but it is still compact enough to be placed on a table or on your balcony. Thanks to the sturdy easy-grip carrier and a weight of only 35 kg, you can also easily take the ceramic BBQ with you on a camping trip or picnic. Simply fire up the grill and let the ceramic shell work its magic. Want to adjust the heat or the air flow? Thanks to the lid’s ventilation cap and integrated thermometer you’re in complete control at all times.

Essentials BBQ tools

Now that the temperature is slowly climbing, the new barbecue season is making its way to our doorsteps. At BergHOFF we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to let out your inner grill master. That’s why we’ve created an assortment of 6 convenient barbecue tools, including a pair of barbecue tongs, a spatula, a basting brush, a carving fork, a barbecue knife and a wire brush, that are available individually but also come in a 3-piece set as well as a complete 6-piece barbecue set in a practical folding bag for easy storing and transportation. Each tool has a high-quality stainless steel head or blade with a crack-resistant wooden handle that gives the tools a warm and authentic character.

Leo cookware

Following the great success of the Leo on-the-go and storage products that were launched last year, the Leo collection is now being expanded with a versatile cookware set. The Leo cookware is made of aluminium, a lightweight material that's easy to handle and provides a quick and even heat distribution. Each item in the range is equipped with a multilayered Fernogreen non-stick coating as well as convenient stay-cool handles. On top of that, the Leo pots and woks come with a glass lid that has a stay-cool knob, a silicone rim that prevents rattling and a draining hole that not only allows for easy straining of the ingredients in the pot but also serves as a steam vent to prevent spillover.

Gem stay-cool grey

Good news for those among you that love the versatility and functionality of the Gem stay-cool pots and pans but are not too fond of the bright orange colour: these pots and pans are now also available in stylish grey! Just like their brightly-coloured counterparts, the grey pots and pans feature convenient pouring lips that allow for dripless pouring, comfortable stay-cool handles and a multilayered non-stick coating. Additionally, they also have the typical glass lid that has two different sized pouring areas for precise straining of different kinds of ingredients and can be positioned vertically on the body of the pot so you always have a free hand to stir and serve.

Leo on-the-go collection

To give your day a touch of your favourite colour, we’re launching some of the bestsellers from the Leo on-the-go range in another colour. If you’re not really into pink but like the innovative design of our thermal mug, thermal flask and dual lunch pot, chances are you’ll love these new colour variants! What do you think about a grey thermal flask or a blue thermal mug that’s a match for any decor or style? Or how about a dual lunch pot in timeless grey that will help you keep your ingredients separate until you’re ready to enjoy your lunch or snack? The choice is yours!

Gem stoneware

Fancy a sweet apple crumble, a homemade crème brûlée or a serving of perfectly roasted veggies? No matter if you’re into sweet of savoury, the new Gem stoneware is perfect for all cooking enthusiasts who want to put their baking skills to the test. The durable, authentic stoneware heats very evenly for a splendid result every time, doesn’t absorb any odours and is a breeze to clean. So all that’s left to do, is pick your favourite shape (round, oval, square or rectangular) and start planning your next bake!

Gem textile

A vibrant summer barbecue or a cosy winter dinner party, with the new Gem kitchen textiles you’re covered all year round. So whether you need to get out your BBQ mitt and apron to start grilling or set the table with the stylish placemats and take a hearty casserole dish out of the oven with a couple of reliable oven mitts or pot holders, Gem is right by your side. Even when it’s time to do the dishes, the Gem tea towels and kitchen towels are ready to step in!