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Anyone who’s into costume parties, scary movies and trick-or-treating will no doubt be counting down the days until Halloween. What was originally just a way to remember the dead on the day before All Saints Day, is now a holiday that equals spooky fun for both young and old.

Spooky decorations

No Halloween is complete without some scary decorations and a Jack-O-Lantern. Once you’ve picked out that beautiful golden-orange pumpkin with a flat bottom, place it on a good-sized cutting board and get out your trusted carving knife. Then it’s just a matter of removing the top, scooping out the seeds and the pulp and cutting out a festive design or a scary face. To bring your pumpkin to life, simply place a candle inside and replace the top.

That smells like pumpkin!

When you’ve carved out your pumpkin, you’re left with quite some pumpkin flesh. It would be a shame to throw it all away, so why not get creative in the kitchen and prepare your favourite pumpkin recipes? A delicious pumpkin pie straight from the Gem pie pan, a crusty loaf of pumpkin bread or a few litres of creamy pumpkin soup prepared in your favourite stockpot, your kitchen will be filled with the most heavenly aromas in no time!

Party snacks

Whoever says Halloween, says Halloween party! And no party is complete without some mouth-watering treats to spoil your guests’ taste buds. Let your imagination run wild and spook your visitors with a fun mix of sweet and savoury snacks such as Halloween cupcakes baked in the Gem cupcake pan, creepy cookies scooped from the Gem cookie sheet.